Sunday, 15 November 2015

The hair is a beauty organ and is regarded as a woman's crown. Yes, I am a huge fan of weaves, However there are some days I just want a weave on my head. If your hair aint pretty, don't flaunt it.

There are ways you can nourish your hair and ways you can destroy it... LoL

I always practice the 1/4 mode, which is applying relaxers just once in four months. Excessive use of lye or no lye relaxers damages the scalp and the texture of your hair.

Always trim loose ends as this gives your hair the bounce it deserves. Also avoid excess usage of hot appliances like the straightners and curlers. They destroy the texture of your hair and cause hair loss.

I promise to give you more tips on how to raise your hair from tramp to crown, so you can flaunt it anyway you want and remember you are always beautiful.

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