Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Hmmn, this is one thing most ladies do not pay attention to as long as there is an artificial nail used in the cover-up. Most of us do not take proper care of our nails and we end up with frizzy and ugly looking natural nails. Its very important to take proper care of our nails not necessarily on a daily or weekly basis but maybe once in 3 weeks or in a month. I believe most ladies do not know what I am talking about, however I will be breaking it down for ya.

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I went to my hair stylist some weeks back and there was this very gorgeously looking lady who was making her hair. She had her nails fixed but wanted a new look because it was already old and some were breaking out and falling off. And since its a standard hair salon, it had the manicure and pedicure ladies at our beck and call. So she called out the lady and asked her to fix her nails while her hair was being made.

To my amazement, when the lady held up her hand to start the day's job on it, I realized that her natural nails were ugly, rough, brown and eating up. I was so irritated that I had to walk to the bathroom to ease off my eyes.

I got back to my couch and had no other choice than to just give her a piece of my advice. I asked her if she was the type that does a lot of fixing, she responded with a strong Yes accompanied by a huge nod. I told her she was not giving her nails the required amount of oxygen it needs to stay healthy. She responded with the, "I cant expose this kind of nails naa, its not sexy at all and that is why I always fix cos I don't feel comfortable on my natural nails".
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I felt disappointed but also felt bad for her as I just concluded in my head that she was 80 percent the reason she had bad nails. Well, I just gave her my two cents and advised her to always soak her nails in olive oil for 30 minutes every two weeks, ensure that she uses lime/lemon to clean her nails once in a while and apply methylated spirit to help heal the wound and to kill the germs that may be in the nails. If she continues this process, she will have very healthy nails that she can easily flaunt, just like I do. LoL

Image result for nail hygieneImage result for nail hygiene

Image result for nail hygiene

Thursday, 19 November 2015

How I Cured Acne Using Aloe Gel, Egg Whites And Clear Water

I must say, I have a very clear skin that doesn't necessarily need body creams and lotions for survival. I have a natural fair skin and I only use baby jellies on it when I notice dryness. However, not everyone is fortunate to have a skin that will always glow or a skin that wouldn't have breakouts at one point or the other. Some skins are very oily (especially the face region) and will require a sort of TLC for a breakout to be controlled.

A friend of mine suffered acne for a very long time, possibly for almost 6 years.There was no amount of concealer or foundation that could hide the large amount of pimples on her pretty face. She was embarrassed by it. Although she is one hell of a pretty lady, she hated been tagged 'The Pretty Girl With Pimples'. I was concerned as this is someone who hangs out with me a whole lot and she hasmentioned it to me a couple of times we were together.

I asked her to try the regular Epiderm cream, she said she had tried it alongside all other creams that claim to cure acne. I got more confused and I felt this was lowering her self esteem as a lady. She was the type that had to use filters on instagram to get clearer and acne free pictures of her face, Well, who doesn't?.

Then, months passed and I forgot totally about how to get rid of her pimples. Then on one very beautiful Saturday morning, after laundry and the regular cleanings. I decided to make pancakes and tea for breakfast.

I got to the kitchen after mixing my flour, eggs and milk to paste. I put on the gas and fried my pancakes peacefully before I got an interruption by a phone call on my phone. Walking to my phone, I slipped and fell and the eggs in the crate came flying and straight to my arm. About three eggs broke and I had egg whites all over my arm.

I was still frying my pancakes, so I had paid no attention to the egg spill I had on me. It was after about 30 minutes that I realized that I felt a kind of dryness on my arm, I checked it out and saw that it was the egg white from the broken eggs. The dryness was so strong that I even got scared and had to wash it off.

Then, it struck my mind. If egg whites could dry the skin this way, then my friend's very oily skin would need something like this in order to help control the acne which was caused by her very oily face. I decided to tell her, I went over to her place on a Friday after work to spend the weekends with her like we always do. I told her about my new idea and she laughed at me. She was like 'Hian, abegi, eggs? if i hear. It cant work jare, dont waste the egg someone will fry and eat for this my face, I have tried everything and I am so over it'.

I ignored her doubts and went straight to her kitchen, picked up an egg and broke it, then separated the yolk from the egg white. I whisked the egg white till it was foamy and I rubbed it on her face with my bare palm. She resisted but gave in after the first paste went through her face. Then it began drying out. By the time she got so scared, it was almost 30 mins gone. Then I told her to have her bath and then I remembered the soothing nature of aloevera gel and how it calms inflammations.

Then, I went to her balcony and tore out one out the bunch of aloevera flowers (so she says) she planted for decorations and we applied it on her skin after she took her bath. To our amazement, her pimples started drying out by morning, it was so obvious that she starred at me for a long time and was shocked that this my friend who doesnt even use body creams so much will know how to tackle acne. She still had doubts tho.

She became consistent and after about 2 months, my girl's face became free and dry a bit. I was shocked too and I am still shocked cos I was only doing some guess work. Now, I have come to believe that it works. Maybe my faith did it, but it worked in the end. You could try it or advice a friend or family who has that annoying pimples to try it out. Its very cheap and its a home remedy. Trust me, there is no harm in trying.*****winks*****

Monday, 16 November 2015

The gorgeousness in wrap dresses

I see a wrap dress as a very simple yet elegant piece of clothing that gives your body that space it deserves. Yes,I feel very comfy on a pair of jeans but a wrap dress will give you that stylish look you really want. I have also noticed that your body shape doesn't have a say when you have a wrap dress on, so no matter what type of shape you got, try on a wrap dress and  see how beautiful you'll look in it.

As ladies,we tend to pay attention to how curvy we look on an outfit and how pretty the outfit looks on us, I have to agree, its the right thing to do. I pay attention to details a lot and notice the slightest changes I see on my body.

Now, going back to wrap dresses, you need to get one for yourself as it'll be perfect for that dinner or that date with friends and a longer piece will fit into that red carpet gathering you got hanging round the corner. I am getting a new one for myself soon and will share pictures here. Gotta go to bed right now as I had a very busy day at work. Goodnight darlings and always remember, you are beautiful, always and always. Nite sweeties. Muahhhhh

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The hair is a beauty organ and is regarded as a woman's crown. Yes, I am a huge fan of weaves, However there are some days I just want a weave on my head. If your hair aint pretty, don't flaunt it.

There are ways you can nourish your hair and ways you can destroy it... LoL

I always practice the 1/4 mode, which is applying relaxers just once in four months. Excessive use of lye or no lye relaxers damages the scalp and the texture of your hair.

Always trim loose ends as this gives your hair the bounce it deserves. Also avoid excess usage of hot appliances like the straightners and curlers. They destroy the texture of your hair and cause hair loss.

I promise to give you more tips on how to raise your hair from tramp to crown, so you can flaunt it anyway you want and remember you are always beautiful.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

loose fitted shirts

You can almost never go wrong with a loose fitted shirt. They can be classy and trendy when in sync with a panty trouser or jeans, or just a regular leather jeggins. Any way you may want to rock them is fine but do not forget to accesorize.
I'm usually scared of accessorizing with pearls for the reason that I may not get it right. But pearls are gorgeous and when applied at the right amount and in the right way, they work awesomely well in helping slay your look.
Have you ever thought of wearing a loose fitted shirt? Then you should try one of these stylish long spliced loose fitted shirts. They are simple and gorgeous.
The beautiful thing about being a woman is being able to complement yourself. You are not ugly. Trust me. What you wear, how you look, how you speak and what you say all go hand in hand to complement your beauty. Some not so pretty ladies have gorgeous bodies, while some with pretty faces have not so pretty bodies. You are a woman, you stand out. Know what suits you and how to wear that which suits you. You are beautiful.
Welcome to my blog. This is my maiden post and I hope we are able to accomplish our set goal here, which is to fill you up with the latest fashion do's and don'ts, makeup ethics and all about looking good.