Thursday, 19 November 2015

How I Cured Acne Using Aloe Gel, Egg Whites And Clear Water

I must say, I have a very clear skin that doesn't necessarily need body creams and lotions for survival. I have a natural fair skin and I only use baby jellies on it when I notice dryness. However, not everyone is fortunate to have a skin that will always glow or a skin that wouldn't have breakouts at one point or the other. Some skins are very oily (especially the face region) and will require a sort of TLC for a breakout to be controlled.

A friend of mine suffered acne for a very long time, possibly for almost 6 years.There was no amount of concealer or foundation that could hide the large amount of pimples on her pretty face. She was embarrassed by it. Although she is one hell of a pretty lady, she hated been tagged 'The Pretty Girl With Pimples'. I was concerned as this is someone who hangs out with me a whole lot and she hasmentioned it to me a couple of times we were together.

I asked her to try the regular Epiderm cream, she said she had tried it alongside all other creams that claim to cure acne. I got more confused and I felt this was lowering her self esteem as a lady. She was the type that had to use filters on instagram to get clearer and acne free pictures of her face, Well, who doesn't?.

Then, months passed and I forgot totally about how to get rid of her pimples. Then on one very beautiful Saturday morning, after laundry and the regular cleanings. I decided to make pancakes and tea for breakfast.

I got to the kitchen after mixing my flour, eggs and milk to paste. I put on the gas and fried my pancakes peacefully before I got an interruption by a phone call on my phone. Walking to my phone, I slipped and fell and the eggs in the crate came flying and straight to my arm. About three eggs broke and I had egg whites all over my arm.

I was still frying my pancakes, so I had paid no attention to the egg spill I had on me. It was after about 30 minutes that I realized that I felt a kind of dryness on my arm, I checked it out and saw that it was the egg white from the broken eggs. The dryness was so strong that I even got scared and had to wash it off.

Then, it struck my mind. If egg whites could dry the skin this way, then my friend's very oily skin would need something like this in order to help control the acne which was caused by her very oily face. I decided to tell her, I went over to her place on a Friday after work to spend the weekends with her like we always do. I told her about my new idea and she laughed at me. She was like 'Hian, abegi, eggs? if i hear. It cant work jare, dont waste the egg someone will fry and eat for this my face, I have tried everything and I am so over it'.

I ignored her doubts and went straight to her kitchen, picked up an egg and broke it, then separated the yolk from the egg white. I whisked the egg white till it was foamy and I rubbed it on her face with my bare palm. She resisted but gave in after the first paste went through her face. Then it began drying out. By the time she got so scared, it was almost 30 mins gone. Then I told her to have her bath and then I remembered the soothing nature of aloevera gel and how it calms inflammations.

Then, I went to her balcony and tore out one out the bunch of aloevera flowers (so she says) she planted for decorations and we applied it on her skin after she took her bath. To our amazement, her pimples started drying out by morning, it was so obvious that she starred at me for a long time and was shocked that this my friend who doesnt even use body creams so much will know how to tackle acne. She still had doubts tho.

She became consistent and after about 2 months, my girl's face became free and dry a bit. I was shocked too and I am still shocked cos I was only doing some guess work. Now, I have come to believe that it works. Maybe my faith did it, but it worked in the end. You could try it or advice a friend or family who has that annoying pimples to try it out. Its very cheap and its a home remedy. Trust me, there is no harm in trying.*****winks*****

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