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Hmmn, this is one thing most ladies do not pay attention to as long as there is an artificial nail used in the cover-up. Most of us do not take proper care of our nails and we end up with frizzy and ugly looking natural nails. Its very important to take proper care of our nails not necessarily on a daily or weekly basis but maybe once in 3 weeks or in a month. I believe most ladies do not know what I am talking about, however I will be breaking it down for ya.

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I went to my hair stylist some weeks back and there was this very gorgeously looking lady who was making her hair. She had her nails fixed but wanted a new look because it was already old and some were breaking out and falling off. And since its a standard hair salon, it had the manicure and pedicure ladies at our beck and call. So she called out the lady and asked her to fix her nails while her hair was being made.

To my amazement, when the lady held up her hand to start the day's job on it, I realized that her natural nails were ugly, rough, brown and eating up. I was so irritated that I had to walk to the bathroom to ease off my eyes.

I got back to my couch and had no other choice than to just give her a piece of my advice. I asked her if she was the type that does a lot of fixing, she responded with a strong Yes accompanied by a huge nod. I told her she was not giving her nails the required amount of oxygen it needs to stay healthy. She responded with the, "I cant expose this kind of nails naa, its not sexy at all and that is why I always fix cos I don't feel comfortable on my natural nails".
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I felt disappointed but also felt bad for her as I just concluded in my head that she was 80 percent the reason she had bad nails. Well, I just gave her my two cents and advised her to always soak her nails in olive oil for 30 minutes every two weeks, ensure that she uses lime/lemon to clean her nails once in a while and apply methylated spirit to help heal the wound and to kill the germs that may be in the nails. If she continues this process, she will have very healthy nails that she can easily flaunt, just like I do. LoL

Image result for nail hygieneImage result for nail hygiene

Image result for nail hygiene

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