Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Denim Issue

I know we are aware of the ongoing denim trend and how to wear them. Personally, I do a lot of light denims and would rock a crop denim top on a skater skirt or on another denim. I have friends who wear .denims in the most gorgeous ways and I promise to post some of their pictures on this blog.

Now, let us go back to the denim issue.

I am the tomboy kinda girl and I must admit, I feel very comfy in a pair of jeans sneakers and a crop top or denim shirt. I hope to save enough for my camera so I can post a lot of pictures of myself here on this blog.

I saw this very amazing denim dress on a coworker f mine some few months and it was simply adorable. Though quite short but very gorgeous. There are several ways in which the denim material can be worn and as the world grows in time, different fashion tricks are birthed by fashionistas. Check out a few pics I have been able to gather. I hope like them

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